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FAMware Package Launcher contains the installation files necessary to install all of the software products in FwFSB, and it's Main Window serves as a Launch Pad. See Package Map for packages included in FPL.


FAMware is a suite of software tools with features that improve productivity and quality of family life.

The purpose of FAMware Package Launcher (FwFPL) is to provide multiple software packages with one download. It contains the installation files necessary to install and run each FAMware product in FwFSB.

FAMware falls into four categories: Family History, Family Finances, Family Tools, and "Other" software. When you click a category at the top of FPL you will see the packages that fall into that category highlighted on the right.

To learn about a package simply click it's radio button on the right. When ready to install, click the blue button at the bottom. Although installation is a one-time event for each program, it will take time to install everything. So, we recommend that you just install the programs that you are most interested in to begin with.

Once a program has been installed clicking the blue button launches the program. This means you can run any FAMware program from within FwFPL.

There are Help buttons on just about every window, as well as tutorials, tool tips, sample data, and other resources to help you get started.
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