Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs access to the end user’s Videos library folder by the FAMware app "Fw Spending Record".

When you choose to download and install Fw Spendng Record onto your computer, no personal information is collected by FAMware as part of the download process. Neither is any personal information collected by FAMware during the startup and ongoing use of the app.

The Fw Spending Record app is intended for end users who wish to maintain a database of their financial transactions on the hard drive of their personal computer. The database file is solely for the purpose of saving and retrieving data entered by the end user. Data from the database can be exported and printed, but sharing of this output is solely at the discretion of the end user and is not collected by nor transmitted to FAMware.

A copy of this database is automatically saved in the end user’s Videos library folder when exiting the app. This is for safekeeping purposes and to ensure preservation of the database when upgrading to new versions of the app. The database is automatically retrieved from the Videos folder each time the app is started. Although FAMware is granted permissions to the end user's Videos folder at the time of purchasing this app, no other files in that folder are accessed by the app.

Note: Optionally, backup copies of the master database may also be saved to other locations (including external drives) as chosen by the end user. This backup feature helps provide user peace of mind and facilitates using the app on other devices (where the database copy can be restored). FAMware is not granted ongoing permissions to these other locations. Access is temporary when granted by the end user at the time, and for the sole purpose, of backing up and restoring the database.

We welcome your comments regarding this privacy statement. If you have questions about this statement or believe that we have not adhered to it, please contact us using this email address: