Ryan Anderson began taking art classes (oil and water color painting, and pencil drawing) at Salt Lake Community College after his retirement in 2013. He had no previous training nor had he made any attempts to draw or paint anything prior taking these classes (well maybe there was a time or two). Ryan took the pencil drawing and water color painting classes multiple times.

Most of the pieces displayed on this site would be considered "beginner's art" that Ryan completed during class time or as homework (or in a sketch-book) during the semester that he took the class. There are a few that he did on his own accord between semesters.

His work is published here to share with his grandchildren, not because he considers himself an accomplished artist; far from it. But there is evidence of some improvement since his earliest attempts.

Ryan worked for almost 40 years in the world of business management, in finance, accounting, and information technology. Prior to taking these classes he considered himself to be almost totally "left-brained".

Now that he's taken some art classes he believes the right brain might be starting to kick in. He is paying more attention to detail and to his surroundings, such as landscapes, mountains and sky.

Ryan has attempted a wide variety of artwork from basic shapes to portraits. He hasn't yet decided if he likes one type more than another but he has decided that oil painting is harder to clean up (and clean "off") than water color painting .


Art pieces were done using oil paint, graphite (pencil), watercolor, and acrylic. Early "Sketchbook" entries were done in pencil; the latter ones using drawing ink and watercolor.