RJA ART Help and Navigation

Navigation: When the Home page is shown you can display an art piece by simply clicking on it's name (if collapsed, click the section header to expand the section). You can narrow down selections by clicking menu choices at the top:

Links: There are also links you can click at the top of the Home page and on the art piece display pages that facilitate navigation.

Naming: Each art piece has a name. Those with the same name also include a number. For example, "Red Butte Gardens 07" is the 7th painting using photos RJA took while at Red Butte Gardens in 2016.

Numbering: Each art piece has a sequential number, in the order created, which is shown at the top of the screen. There have been over 300 art pieces created since RJA started in 2014. A second sequential number is assigned by art medium type. For example, 0056, "Bees and Flowers" is RJA's "6th" Watercolor painting.

Collapsible Sections: On the Home, Thumbnails, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 screens the art pieces are organized by Year/Semester. Simply click on the section header (where it shows year/semester) to collapse or expand the section. It saves your choice and will display the screen accordingly when you return.

Source: When an art piece is displayed it also shows the source, on the right:

Original: When an art piece is displayed it may also show a photograph of the original or source from which the piece was created. These may not always match exactly as RJA took liberties to change color, content, and arrangement.

Sketches: Pencil Sketches, Ink-Pen Sketches, and Watercolor Sketches. Sketches are studies or simple images on white background, usually done in a "Sketch Book". Sketches were turned in 2 or 3 per week and were not candidates for the final portfolio.