FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions.
Question Answer
Q. If I upgrade will I need to re-enter my data? A. No, your database stays intact. Only the software is replaced.
Q. How can I copy my data to my new PC? A1. If upgrading, follow the instructions "How to Copy My Database" presented in the "First Time Use" instructions after you install and launch the program on the new PC.

A2. If not upgrading select Database on the main menu of the old PC then use Utilities to copy your database to a flash drive. After installing the program on the new PC select Database from the main menu then copy from the flash drive to the C:\FAMware\Fw_DATABASES folder.
Q. If I purchase the LITE version can I upgrade to the FULL version later without loss of data? A. Yes. Upgrade to FwFSB and configure as FwFHB. There is no loss of data.