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Forecast My Nest Egg . . .

Manage My Library . . .

Manage My People . . .

Manage My Spending . . .

Manage My Life . . .

Read Bible Stories . . .

and More . . .

Software Packages:

    Family Recipe Box (FREE)   Home Inventory (FREE)  
  My Library   Birthdays Reminder (FREE)        
  Budget Spreadsheet (FREE)   Family Chores (FREE)      
  Family Projects (FREE)   Grocery List (FREE)      
  Family Tools Bundle (FREE)   Loan Calculator (FREE)      
  Family Finances (FREE)   Savings Calculator (FREE)      
Forecast Nest Egg (What If?)   Decision Making (FREE)    
  Family History Bundle (FREE)   Family Budget (FREE)  
  Family History LITE (FREE)   Package Launcher (FREE)  
  Message of the Day (FREE)   My People  
  Spending Record   My Life  
  Bible Stories    

Family Finances, Family History, and Productivity Tools:


Feature rich, FAMware is for desktop, laptop, tablet, or notebook computers running Windows.

Software Bundles:

Family History Bundle Family Finances Bundle Family Tools Bundle
Preserve your family history. Capture photos. Produce impressive charts and reports. A complete genealogy system. Balance the budget. Get out of debt. Save for the future. Make better decisions. Keep track of your "stuff". Quit fighting about money. For personal and family productivity: calendar, to-do list, address book, meeting agenda, event planner, histories, and more.

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If you are primarily interested in genealogy, download Family History Bundle (FHB) or Family History Lite (FHL). If you are interested in finances, download Family Finances Bundle (FFB) or Family Finances (FF). If you need tools, Family Tools Bundle (FTB). If you want all three, download Family Software Bundle (FSB) or FAMware Package Launcher (FPL).
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Recent Products:

My Library, What-If, My People, Spending Record, My Life, Bible Stories

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